About Pralie Dutzel

About Pralie Dutzel

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Hello there! My name is Pralie, and I’m a web designer and senior front-end developer based out of Austin, Texas.

As a designer, I work to create clean, modern designs that establish and maintain a cohesive identity throughout. On the development side, I focus on writing well-commented, maintainable code. My current obsessions include UX and interaction design, branding, Sass, CSS Grid, accessibility, and, as always, finding that perfect font.

Conversation Starters

Video Games. Sailing. Hockey. Baseball. Baking. The Legend of Zelda. Back to the Future. Doctor Who. Corgis.

Pralie Dutzel

My Workflow

My front-end development workflow typically begins with cutting Photoshop designs into static HTML and CSS. I use Sass on nearly every project, and work with my own framework, which I will be releasing soon. I typically use Gulp to compile and minify my CSS and JS. Once the static build is ready, I prepare the code for CMS implementation, and, if it’s a WordPress site, I’ll build the theme as well.

For design, I begin with wireframes and sketches before creating mockups. I tend to switch back and forth between Photoshop and designing in the browser, although I prefer to send clients a working prototype if possible.

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Skill Set

Although my educational background is in game design, I got my start building websites in middle school. Since then, I’ve honed my design and front-end development skills to create websites for a variety of clients. My specialties lie in writing CSS and Sass, as well as designing responsive patterns and using game design techniques to improve UX.

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