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Game Design

Indie Game Design & Development

In addition to my web work, I also do indie game design. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in game design, and specialize in level design and narrative design. Although it hasn’t been updated in awhile, I used to run a blog about game design and have created video tutorials for the Unreal Development Kit. I’m currently working on a turn-based RPG in my free time.

Skill Set

Unreal Development Kit. Level Design. Narrative Design. Puzzle Design. Agile Development. Project Management. Team Leadership.


Technical Reviewer on the UDK Game Design Cookbook. Conference Associate at GDC 2011 and GDC Online 2010 and 2011. Participant in Ludum Dare Jam 22 (2011) and Ludum Dare Jam 32 (2015).

Pralie Dutzel participating in Ludum Dare 22


By the Katastrophe Team at Politically Incorrect Games, LLC

A 2D action-adventure game with a horror theme and unique art style. The game was created in XNA and was selected by UAT to represent the university at GDC 2012. The team was comprised of about fifteen members of varying skill levels and disciplines. I acted as the lead game designer, project manager, and public relations manager during the duration of the project.

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Delirium XNA Game

Rocket Solvers

By SingaporeMathNOW!, LLC

An educational puzzle game that teaches the principles of the Singapore Math system. The game was released on the App Store in 2013 and was used as part of the curriculum for classrooms utilizing SMARTTraining. As a game designer, I wrote and maintained design and technical documents, created puzzle designs, and helped to facilitate communication between the producers and the rest of the production team.

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Rocket Solvers iPad Game


By Team OrangeMoose

A post-apocalyptic metroidvania where the player must terraform the world. The game was created in a 72 hour span as part of the Ludum Dare Jam 32. I acted as the game designer and did all of the scripting in Game Maker, while Alissa Mathiasmeier crafted the art and animations.

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Terraforming Game

The Lonely Cupcake

By Team OrangeMoose

A simple platformer where the player is a lonely cupcake who must collect toppings in order to be eaten. The game was created in a 72 hour span as part of the Ludum Dare Jam 22. I acted as the game designer and handled the visual scripting in Stencyl, while Alissa Mathiasmeier crafted the art and animations. Unfortunately, the game suffered from a major bug we were unable to address within the timeframe.

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The Lonely Cupcake Game