Project Overview

A leader in AdTech and monetization strategy, Freestar was looking to bring their website redesign to life. I took the designs and Invision prototypes crafted by their in-house designer at the time, Aaron Shoemaker, and transformed them into a functional, fully responsive WordPress build.

The site is built in WordPress to allow Freestar’s quickly growing team the ability to change and add to the site as needed. It includes an active blog, which features lazy loaded infinite scroll effects, a calculated reading time, custom content styles, and a robust tagging system.

Blog area featuring lazy loaded infinite scroll effect.
Example of a blog post written by a Freestar team member.


Completed designs for both desktop and mobile were provided to me, along with several Invision prototypes to help me understand the desired interaction patterns since I was working remotely from the designer. My role as front-end developer was to code static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript based on those designs, and then integrate that into a custom WordPress theme that could later be handed off to the client. The site features SVG icons, a flexbox grid system, Advanced Custom Fields, and, when it was originally built, an interactive scroll feature on the homepage. The homepage’s scrolling feature has since been altered to allow users to more easily navigate the homepage.

Client Handoff

Since this work was done as part of my time freelancing, I needed to ensure a smooth handoff of the completed build to the client. This meant ensuring that everything had been fully tested across a number of browsers and devices; organizing the CSS and using a clear BEM naming convention; writing clean, well-commented code; and providing all the needed files, assets, plugins, and exported content. Additionally, I wrote up a checklist and instructions for activating the theme, turning on the correct plugins, and getting started.

Get the Full Freestar Experience

This project was created during my time freelancing, and there may be changes from what was originally built. All logos, graphics, and content on the noted website are copyright to the respective client.

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