Project Overview

Aiming to establish themselves as a world-class production studio, SNEAKY BIG Studios was looking for a website that could showcase their production services, equipment, and studio space. BIG YAM delivered a sleek, modern site that is designed to adapt and grow along with the company itself.

The site is built with modularity in mind, which allows us to quickly put up new pages using components from our pattern library. I worked closely with the lead designer for this project to create a style guide and provide UI/UX strategy insights.

We continue to make improvements to the site and build out the pattern library as SNEAKY BIG learns more about the role their website needs to fill to support their customers.

SNEAKY BIG Studios Services Page
One of the services page, showing post-production offerings.
The Stage 1 page, which shows off the studio space.


As front-end developer, my role was to code static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript based on the Photoshop designs, and integrate that into a custom WordPress theme. Seeing as how SNEAKY BIG is a video production studio, I focused on making the site as performant as I could to account for all of the videos that would be added. The site features accessibility enhancements, CSS columns, SVG icons, flexbox, Advanced Custom Fields, and a full-page HTML5 video player.

Additional Work

In addition to the website, I also coded a number of HTML emails for SNEAKY BIG, as well as handled their subscriber lists and deployments through MailChimp. All emails were tested across multiple email clients via Litmus.

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This project was created during my time at BIG YAM, The Parsons Agency. All logos, graphics, and content on the noted website are copyright to the respective client.

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