Vrbo Internal Productivity Tools

Vrbo Internal Productivity Tools

Project Overview

During my time at Vrbo as a Design Technologist, I primarily worked on a series of internal productivity tools, which streamlined the workflows of our employees with customer relations. These tools included dashboards to monitor various performance metrics, optimized day-to-day workflows, multi-channel insights, and more.

I worked as part of the design team to not only make these tools a reality, but to ensure they were visually appealing and provided an easy-to-use experience for our users. This included:

  • Coordinating communication between design, engineering, and product
  • Developing prototypes to showcase desired responsive behaviors and animations within products
  • Assisting with production-level code and implementation of designs
  • Coaching designers on how their work will be implemented
  • Mentoring engineers on CSS best practices
  • Designing technical enterprise level tools
  • Providing additional design support when needed
  • Participating in user research and usability studies
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Due to the nature of this work, it is only available upon request.

If you have been provided a password to review the details of this work, you may view the full case study here.